PRIMA Cardboard kidney tray, 25x14x4.5 cm, 300 pieces

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The PRIMA cardboard kidney tray is used in the medical field for the transport of medical instruments necessary for treatments, dressings, medicines, but also for the collection of waste from treatments. Features: • Color: gray; • Sizes: 25x14x4.5 cm; • Composition Material: cardboard; • Material weight: 22±2g; • Material thickness: 0.8±0.2mm; • Single-use, low risk of cross-contamination; • Capacity: 700ml; • Water resistance: minimum 4 hours; • Easy to handle and transport; • Practice, hygiene; • Non-sterile product. It can be sterilized with gamma radiation or Eto.
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Length 45
Width 26
Height 31
MPN 1452-300
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