PRIMA Eppendorf micro tube, 1.5ml, 1000 pieces

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The set of PRIMA micro test tubes, conical, Eppendorf type, contains 1000 pieces and are made of transparent plastic, with a capacity of 1.5 ml. The tubes have an embossed gradation and are designed to minimize sample loss through evaporation. Opening at high temperatures is prevented by means of the lid closure. The product is non-sterile, single-use. Used in the laboratory for the microcentrifuge, for the analysis of small samples, when sample recovery is vital. Instructions for use: inspect the tube before use. Add the sample. Attach the cap to the tube. Label the tube clearly for identification. Counterbalance the tube before putting it in the centrifuge. Place the tube in the centrifuge.
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Length 46
Width 33.5
Height 6
MPN 1069
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