PRIMA Fecal Cup with small spade in the lid, 20ml, 50 pieces

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The PRIMA Fecal Cup with collection spatula and lid is a convenient solution designed for medical tests and procedures. Each container has a capacity of 20 ml and comes with a small spatula attached to the lid, allowing the collection of the use of fecal samples. With a set containing 50 disposable pieces, healthcare professionals can perform tests efficiently while maintaining strict hygiene standards. This container is an essential tool for medical personnel performing diagnostic tests, facilitating the collection and transport of fecal samples for analysis. The compact design and the closing of the lid ensure the preservation of the samples during the entire transport to the laboratory. Although intended primarily for medical use, these stool sample containers can also be used by ordinary people at home for self-testing purposes, offering a convenient and reliable option for monitoring gastrointestinal health. Please note that the product is not sterile and must be disposed of after one use to prevent cross-contamination and ensure accurate test results.
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Length 38
Width 28
Height 3
MPN 2048-20-NST
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