PRIMA Microscope coverglass, sizes 24x24mm, 1000 pieces/box

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PRIMA Microscope Cover Glass: Enhance Your Laboratory Preparations Elevate your laboratory experiments with PRIMA microscope cover glass, available in a box of 1000 pieces from Vetro Design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these cover glasses ensure excellent flatness, free from impurities or defects, and boast a smooth surface for optimal microscopy results. With a thickness ranging between 0.13mm to 0.17mm and polished edges, these cover glasses provide the ideal covering for your microscopic preparations, guaranteeing clarity and accuracy in your observations. Versatile and Reliable Whether you're a seasoned researcher, a medical professional, or a student conducting experiments, these microscope cover glasses are essential tools for your laboratory work. Simply place them over your microscope slides to protect and secure your preparations, ensuring clear visibility under the microscope. Packed in convenient plastic boxes for easy storage and access, these cover glasses are designed to meet the rigorous demands of laboratory environments. Invest in PRIMA microscope cover glasses from Vetro Design and unlock the full potential of your microscopy studies.
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Length 19
Width 15
Height 3
MPN 1013-24x24
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