PRIMA Petri dishes with 1 compartment, 10 pieces

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The PRIMA Petri Dishes with One Compartment are a versatile set of laboratory vessels designed for microbial and cell culture applications. Each dish measures 90 x 15mm and comes with a lid featuring ventilation through three holes, allowing for optimal air circulation during cultures. Crafted from high transparency polystyrene, these petri dishes offer exceptional clarity, making it easy to observe cell growth and microbial colonies under a microscope. Ideal for use in research laboratories, medical facilities, and educational institutions, these sterile petri dishes provide a reliable platform for cultivating microbial organisms and animal cell cultures. The flat disk base and securely sealed lid create a controlled environment conducive to cell proliferation and experimentation. Whether used by microbiologists, researchers, or students, these PRIMA Petri Dishes with One Compartment offer unparalleled clarity, durability, and convenience for a wide range of laboratory applications, from bacterial culture studies to cell biology research.
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Length 9
Width 9
Height 15
MPN 0598-1
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