Poupinel sterilization pouches, PRIMA, nylon, 102x254mm, 100 pieces

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PRIMA Self-sealed pouches for Poupinel dry heat sterilization, transparent, made of nylon, size 102 x 254mm. They are used to sterilize instruments. Instructions of use: Carefully clean and rinse the instruments to be sterilized. Allow the tools to dry completely. Select the right bag size and insert the tools or toolbox inside. Remove the protective film and press firmly to stick the bag. The bag together with the instruments is placed in the sterilization box, then it will be inserted into the nursery; select the desired temperature range according to the instructions. CAREFUL!!! Don't put the bags with tools directly on the nursery grill! They are placed in a sterilization box provided with a lid. CAREFUL!!! Do not insert wet instruments or water into the bag. The humidity of the instruments, the bag, or the sterilization indicator, irremediably leads to the explosion and burning of the packaging, and the carbonization of the sterilization indicator! Instruments must be dried before sterilization because humidity will affect the process. The optimal time and temperature for sterilization with dry heat is 160°C (320°F) for 2 hours, and 170°C (340°F) for 1 hour. Do not use a temperature higher than 170°C (340°F) even if you reduce the sterilization time. The immediate effect is the destruction of the sterilized objects, the packaging, and the sterilization indicator.
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Length 32
Width 16
Height 5.5
MPN 0853-102X254
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