PRIMA Sterile Infusion Set, plastic spike, luer slip, 25 pieces

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Discover the PRIMA Sterile Infusion Set, with plastic spike and luer slip 21Gx1 1/2", available in a pack of 25 pieces. This essential medical tool ensures precise and safe administration of infusion solutions. Key Features: • Plastic Needle/Cannula: Equipped with a plastic needle or cannula for gentle insertion into the infusion solution container, minimizing patient discomfort while ensuring a smooth flow of medication. • Transparent Dripping Chamber: The infusion set includes a transparent dripping chamber with flexible walls and a liquid filter, allowing for accurate and controlled administration of fluids. • Polyethylene Roller Device: Includes a polyethylene roller device for regulating the infusion rate and drip rate, giving healthcare professionals complete control over the flow of liquid medication. • Latex Bulb: Facilitates the administration of additional medication, ensuring safety and precision during the infusion process. • 150 cm Long Infusion Tube: Featuring a transparent and bend-resistant infusion tube, providing ease of handling and flexibility during medical procedures. • Solution Flow Regulator: Each milliliter equals 20 drops, ensuring precise dosing and uniform administration of medication. • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: The infusion set undergoes sterilization with Ethylene Oxide (EO), guaranteeing a high level of sterility and safety for medical use. Experience the efficiency and reliability of the PRIMA Sterile Infusion Set, designed to meet the demanding needs of medical professionals and ensure optimal patient care.
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Color Transparent
Length 30
Width 20
Height 6
MPN 0789-PLS-25
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