PRIMA Sterile PPSB gauze swab, 60X80cm, DIN 13152-A

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Premium Protection for Wound Care Elevate your wound care practices with PRIMA's Sterile PPSB Gauze Swab. Designed to cover large wounds effectively, this gauze swab features a generous size of 60 x 80 cm, making it ideal for medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and medical offices. Crafted with a microbial barrier and a fluid-absorbing layer, this swab provides exceptional protection against infections while promoting optimal healing conditions for the wound. Each swab is individually sterile, ensuring reliability and safety during use, as long as the packaging remains intact. Whether used by medical professionals or caregivers at home, this gauze swab offers peace of mind and superior wound management capabilities. Versatile and Reliable This PRIMA Sterile PPSB Gauze Swab is a versatile addition to any medical kit, offering reliable performance in various wound care applications. From post-operative care to everyday wound dressing, this swab provides the assurance of cleanliness and efficacy, thanks to its sterile packaging. Medical staff can trust in its microbial barrier to prevent cross-contamination and promote a hygienic healing environment. Additionally, its fluid-absorbing layer ensures efficient management of exudate, reducing the risk of maceration and promoting faster healing. Upgrade your wound care supplies with PRIMA's Sterile PPSB Gauze Swab and experience superior protection and peace of mind in every application.
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MPN 1512-60X80
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