Poupinel sterilization testing tape, PRIMA, for dry heat, adhesive

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PRIMA Sterilization testing adhesive tape for dry heat, Poupinel, white with green stripes, 19mmx50m, material being impregnated paper tapes, printed with indicator ink. Adhesive tape designed for dry heat sterilization. After the dry heat sterilization cycle, the special indicator ink changes color from green to brown. Sterilization is accomplished at a temperature of 160˚C after 40 minutes. Special adhesives formulated to withstand high temperatures and humidity ensure excellent bonds to paper, plastic, nonwovens, board, metal, glass, and linen. Once processed, the tape can be easily removed, without any release of adhesive on the application surface. It is suitable to use as an indicator tape for closing packages to be sterilized in a dry heat sterilization process. The strips show visibly that the pack has undergone a sterilization cycle.
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Length 12.5
Width 12.5
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