PRIMA surgical mesh, polypropylene, 7.6x15cm

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Surgical mesh made of polypropylene, transparent, with rectangular / square mesh, malleable, not desired for cutting, has a rectangular shape and is sterile. Medical applications: for all types of hernias and eventrations. Instructions for use: Step 1: Analyze the groin hernia and release the spermatic cord. Step 2: Push back the groin hernia, choose the appropriate mesh size and cut the hole 0.5-1.0cm larger, then cover the transverse fascia. Step 3: Suture the inner upper edge, the transverse abdominal muscle and the inner oblique lower edge, suture the outer edge and the inguinal ligament, suture 1.5 cm below the edge of the pubis through aponeurotic bundles. An opening is made in the inner ring so that the spermatic cord can pass through it. It is good that the spermatic cord is not stenotic when it passes through the holes in the spermatic cord. It can also be cut by the surgeon if necessary.
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Length 22
Width 15
MPN 1449-76X15
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