PRIMA Yellow bag Biological Hazard, 40 liters, 25 pieces

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Non-stingable infectious waste bags have a high mechanical strength, close easily and securely, using disposable seals. Thermosets are continuous, durable and do not allow liquid to leak. When choosing the size of the bag, the amount of waste produced in the interval between two successive waste disposals is taken into account. When not placed in a cardboard box to ensure mechanical strength, the bag is placed in the bins provided with a lid and pedal or in the bag holder, and the latter must also have a lid. The height of the bag must exceed the height of the bin, so that the bag is reflected over its upper edge, and the surplus must allow the bag to be closed for safe transport. The degree of filling of the bag shall not exceed three quarters of its volume. Trash cans with lids and lids must be marked with the "Biohazard" icon. - Length: 560mm / 620mm / 700mm / 1180 mm. - Width: (380 + 2x80) mm / (320 + 2x110) mm / (320 + 2x150) mm / 795mm. - Material: HDPE (high density polyethylene). The bags are inscribed with a biohazard symbol. Medical applications: for the collection of hazardous-infectious medical waste Applications Dentistry: for the collection of hazardous-infectious medical waste Cosmetics applications: for collecting non-stinging infectious waste (cotton wool, used epilating wax, disposable bandages and masks) Instructions for use: They are intended for use in medical practice Validity period: unlimited Storage: Store in closed, clean rooms, away from heat sources and large variations in humidity. • T (min-max): 5-40 degrees C • Max humidity: 70%
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