Schirmer Test for measuring lacrimal production, 100 pieces

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The Schirmer test contains Schirmer ophthalmic strips to measure tear production and graduated foils in individual sterile packaging. These are diagnostic tests made of Whatman filter paper number 41 with gradations in millimeters and sterile. Schirmer tests are diagnostic tests used in ophthalmology with which it is determined quantitatively: • total tear production (basic secretion plus reflex secretion); • basic secretion (after topical anesthesia of the conjunctival sac). Instructions for use: 1.1. For the Schirmer I test (measures total secretion, without anesthesia), do not apply topical medications or maneuvers to the eye before the test. 1.2. For the Schirmer II test (measures only basic secretion, with anesthesia), instill local anesthetic twice, wait 2-3 minutes, then, with your eyes closed, wipe the lash line and skin nearby, particularly in the temporal area, where you will the test has been placed. 2. Position the patient in the examination chair with his head resting on the back. Decrease the light intensity. 3. Fold the envelope over the zero gradation line on the Schirmer test. 4. Peel off the two sheets of the envelope, which releases the test with the round end bent at 0 degrees). 5. With the patient looking at the ceiling, remove the lower eyelid and place the round bent end of the test in the conjunctival sac, towards the corner of the eye, with the gradations up. The eye is closed during the test. 6. Wait 5 minutes, remove the test, and measure the length of the wet area. 7. Interpretation of results: Schirmer I: • 15-25 mm normal total secretion; • 10-15 mm incipient disease; • 6-10 mm intermediate disease; • 2-5mmm severe condition; • Under 2 mm quasi-total dryness. Schirmer II: • 15 mm: normal secretion; • 10-15 mm mild condition; • 6-10 mm average condition; • 1-5 mm severe disease; • Less than 2 mm: quasi-total dryness. IMPORTANT: This is an exclusive product for external use and should only be used by qualified personnel.
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