Sealing machine for sterile bags, 500W, stainless steel, 430x340x250mm

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This device is used to seal bags before sterilization. Technical data: • Supply power: AC220/110 50 Hz (Please check the supply voltage with the one on the product identification plate); • Voltage: 500W; • Security: T3A; • Sealing width: 250 mm; • Width of the pressing bar: 10mm; • Gross weight: 8 kg; • Net weight: 5.5 kg; • Dimensions: 430x340x250mm. Its advantages are robust device, safe and simple operation, inexpensive maintenance, and pleasant design. The casing is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and anti-corrosive. Key features: depending on the size of the bags, the device adjusts the optimal temperature for sealing. It has two blades for high-quality sectioning. Instructions for use: Connect the device to an AC230V/50Hz power source. Turn the device off at the main switch. It will take 2 minutes for the device to preheat. You can start using the sealer when the indicator light turns off. There are two holes on both sides of the device for installing the press bar. When the indicator light turns off, the device is ready for use. For the optimal sealing temperature for a correct sealing, the temperature control knob must be set between points 3 and 4. The sterilization roll must be placed between the pressing bar and the sealing bar with the transparent side up. Pull the lever and keep pressing it down until the sterilization bag seals properly. After sealing, cut the bag by sliding the round button at a constant speed. If you cut the bag too fast or too slow, it will not cut correctly. The end of the sterilization roll is inserted from behind on the support rod, taking out the end of the roll between the pressing bar and the sealing bar. With the transparent side up and making sure that the roll remains in a firm position, pull it until it reaches sufficient length for the instrument to be sterilized. Then seal and cut the bag. The working platform has a length of 250 mm and facilitates the continuous sealing of rolls of different widths. Platform can be mounted in two holes on the device, thus facilitating the operation of sealing bags, especially those with higher load. By using a single rod you save space. The rod for the rollers is mounted from the back of the device with the help screws and supports a sterilization roll.
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Length 42
Width 34.5
Height 26
MPN 1781
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