PRIMA Incontinence fluff under pads, for adults, 40x60, 30 pieces

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Absorbent sheets are used for patients with incontinence problems (urinary retention) and in cases where other leaks occur, by providing additional protection against moisture. The soft cover of the blanket and the absorbent layer absorb moisture. The lower layer of polyethylene ensures that fluid builds up inside the bore. For people with incontinence problems (urinary retention); for people immobilized in bed after operations or for those suffering from other diseases; for patients who need additional protection when other leaks occur; for children when their diapers are changed, for their hygiene when traveling and for extra protection against dampness in the crib. Instructions for use: 1. Cover the bed or chair with a soft, absorbent top layer. 2. Disposable. 3. Fold the used reamer and throw it in the appropriate rubbish bin.
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Length 30
Width 20
Height 10
MPN 0904-30-040
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